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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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The devil could be any where |


By: Alfonso Zambrano


Chapter 1
In a hospital there is a floor that hasn’t been operating since an accident with a pacient.that basement floor was used as an asylum, one of the pacients there had osteoporosis.
The pacient had there metallic things all surgically attached to him. In the present days it’s an officedepartment and the basement is still without use.
One day a group of teens broke in the building looking for something valuable that they could sell or exchange for something of good use in the black market. They started scavenging for things when they heard a scream like sound coming from the basement, so they went to look what was going on. They really don’t know what to expect

Chapter 2
Theteens where going down when they heard again the scream like sound this time it was louder than last time, they all wandered who was making so much noise down here, some of the group ran away frightened by the horrible sound, the poor kids that stayed where the most curios ones so they went to check from where the noise was coming from. Just then they saw a strange lucking shadow like a humpbacklurking in the middle of the night in this weird building,
The weird looking shadow started sniffing like a dog it seemed that he was blind because of the lack of light.

Chapter 3

Suddenly the weird shadow took form into a weird animal man with metallic things attached to his body from what he looked like he would have like 83 years of rust and worn of.
The creature looked back at themcuriously like a puppy trying to understand something, the creature showing of his sharp fangs and claws he wasn’t even human any more, just then the creature charged at them with a restless taste for blood I wouldn’t blame him been locked down for 50 years I am guessing it would give you a cannibal attitude.
Poor kids at the next day the janitor found the kids torn into little pieces and no way toidentify them only with a DNA test or a tissue test the recently deceased kids names where: Joseph, Pedro and Rick.

Chapter 4
The next day the police send a CSI team to investigate the crime scene after all they are made for that aren’t they, so when they got to the building all of the people that worked there where complaining that they don’t care that someone died or that you are making themtoo slow bla bla bla.
Well the CSI still went in the building they searched from floor to floor just to find nothing, until they went down to the basement there they found the evidence they were looking for, searching deeper in the basement they found the rest of the bodies well only some bones and already rotting chunks of meat.
They were there until it was almost midnight when the town’s clockbell rang everything in the basement you had this weird feeling that you will get killed or that someone was watching every step you make god it’s a horrible place at night.

Chapter 5

Just when the CSI team was leaving they heard a strange sound like a scream from someone in distress o they don’t know what’s waiting for them, they team started looking again until they heard the scream againthis time it was louder than before and it came from the basement, so they went down only to find a shadow like a man mixed with all kinds of lurking shadow beasts only told on stories or legends, the officers opened fire like a reaction, but the bullets didn’t do anything to the beast or shadowlike thing.
The officers seeing this ran away afraid the others that are really stupid or really bravewithstood the beast attacks, but were overwhelmed by its weight.
The officers that ran called for backup or someone really crazy that knows about this stuff, the officers came as quick as they were called they went down to check if the beast was still there but no, they only found their team mates torn into pieces like little cookie crumbs.

Chapter 6

Everybody was confused from the...
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