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Meter, helmet, calculator, computer, multimeter, protoboard, pincers, calibrator, boots, gown.

Production, Management staff, Quality Control, Machinery, Management, Industrial Safety, PlantDesign, Human resources management.
The Industrial engineers may work as entrepreneurs, consultants, researchers and advisers in design,they can be involved as well in coordination andmodification of production processes, management of inventories of materials, parts and products, resource requirements, information services, manufacturing, quality systems and maintenance inindustrial companies.
They can labor at the selection and innovation of technology, and at administrative and personnel decision-making in public or private entities.

They develop their workpractices and activities by creating or adapting technologies in human resources institutions, personnel training and analysis of work and production methods.
The formation of industry engineers drawssustenance of information technology, which is the basis for training in marketing, planning and management, operations and systems.

The industrial engineer is trained to be anentrepreneur. Their training helps him plan and design a production company and / or service, his skills allow him to:

Analyze and evaluate the global environment, national, regional and municipallevels as basis for developing a business.

Industry engineering functions:
To plan, to organize, to manage, to control projects in the industry and business area. To Research, to develop anddesign products.
To analyze, design and work in methods of measurement.
To manage and control production.
To make business diagnostics and propose solutions to identify needs. To evaluate,propose and design quality systems in enterprises. To make decisions based on mathematical and financial processes.
To design and manage maintenance plans. Propose solutions to identify needs.
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