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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2010
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Unicellular and multicellular organisms

There is plenty of creatures that are a single cell, single-celled organisms, such as all bacteria and protozoa (paramecia, amoebae, ciliates, etc.)..Although surprising to us, they represent the vast majority of living things that inhabit the Earth today. Indeed, far exceed in number all other living beings on the planet. However, living things thatare familiar to us are made up of a set of cells, are multicellular organisms. However, we must not forget that these multicellular organisms from a single cell at the origin of life. All agencies spendat an initial stage of its existence by being a single cell.

Single-celled organisms have colonized almost every environment on Earth and have evolved to become very versatile biochemically andstructurally complex, however, the cell has a major limitation in size. Small T is a tax for the cell. An increase in size means that the surface in contact with the outside environment is lower inrelational volume, and this leads to problems in obtaining nutrients and remove wastes, even to achieve an efficient internal communication. An alternative to increasing cell size has been the grouping ofcells to form larger bodies. Initially a simple association of cells, and finally in an organized society, hierarchical and highly specialized cells. The tremendous evolutionary success of thisalternative does not require further comment.

In multicellular organisms cells specialize to perform different functions, ie, there is a division of labor between cells. This distribution of functionsis a consequence of cell differentiation. This process involves a large increase in the efficiency of a cell to perform a particular function. Thus, a cell of a multicellular organism can become wellequipped to perform one vital function for the organism, while other basic functions can be made by other body cells. On the other hand, when the high level of differentiation is the cell can not...
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