Not only the dogs lick

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  • Publicado : 28 de abril de 2010
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‘Not only the dogs lick’
The unfortunate history that sent to a girl to the madhouse, the girl was 9 years old, she was the only daughter of her parents, they used tohave a great influence in local politics, and this girl had everything that she wanted and wished, she had a good education, but with an incomparable solitude. Her parentsused to go out to political meetings parties, and she was left alone. Everything changed when her father bought a large breed puppy. After a few years the girl and the dogbecame inseparable friends. A night as some other, her parents went to say goodbye to her; the dog was sleeping under her bed. When her parents were went, the girl fell ina deep dream, and around 2:30 am, she listened a noise as minor scratches and then it was stronger. After, she fearful dropped her hand to that dog may lick her (it was acode between the girl and the dog) and her dog did it and then she calmed and slept again. In the morning when she woke up, she discovered something shocking: In themirror of the toilet there was something written in red letters. When she approached, she saw that it was a trail of blood which read: ‘not only the dogs lick’. Then she gavea cry of horror at seeing her dog crucified on the floor of her room. It is said that when she saw her parents, she didn’t say anything about that, she went crazy and sofar she is in a mental hospital, her parents went abroad for trying to forget what happened and their daughter. And the biggest question is: according to people who went toinvestigate the room of the girl, the dog was already dead for many hours. Who licked the hand's girl under the bed?

Name: Jhonnatan Utrilla

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