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What are NOTAMS?

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NOTAM, "NOtice To AirMen", are notices containing essential flight operation information not known sufficiently in advance to publicize by other means. Just like weather reports, they include endless abbrieviated text (known as a contraction) which are sometimes difficultto figure out.  Translate NOTAMs here!
Types of NOTAM's include the following: 
1. NOTAM(D): Information that requires wide dissemination and pertains to enroute navigational aids, civil public use landing areas listed in the Airports Facility Directory and aeronautical data related to IFR operations. 
2. NOTAM(L): Information that requires local dissemination, but does not qualify asNOTAM(D) information. This includes, but is not limited to, aircraft jettisoning fuel, bird activity, moored balloons, military training activity, etc. This type of NOTAM no longer exists, now part of "D" NOTAMs and distributed nationwide.
3. FDC: Information that is regulatory in nature pertaining to flight including, but not limited to, changes to charts, procedures, and airspace usage. Itincludes TFRs.
Types of "D" NOTAMs
Keyword | Example | Meaning |
RWY | RWY 3/21 CLSD | Runways 3 and 21 are closed to aircraft. |
TWY | TWY F LGTS OTS | Taxiway F lights are out of service. |
RAMP | RAMP TERMINAL EAST SIDE CONSTRUCTION | The ramp in front of the east side of the terminal has ongoing construction. |
APRON | APRON SW TWY C NEAR HANGARS CLSD | The apron near the southwesttaxiway C in front of the hangars is closed. |
AD | AD ABN OTS | Aerodromes: The airport beacon is out of service. |
OBST | OBST TOWER 283 (246 AGL) 2.2 S LGTS OTS (ASR 1065881) TIL 0707272300 | Obstruction: The lights are out of service on a tower that is 283 feet above mean sea level (MSL) or 246 feet above ground level (AGL) 2.2 statute miles south of the field. The FCC antenna structureregistration (ASR) number is 1065881. The lights will be returned to service 2300 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on July 27, 2007. |
NAV | NAV VOR OTS | Navigation: The VOR located on this airport is out of service. |
COM | COM ATIS OTS | Communications: The Automatic Terminal Information
Service (ATIS) is out of service. |
SVC | SVC TWR 1215-0330 MON-FRI/1430-2300 SAT/1600-0100 SUN TIL0707300100 | Service: The control tower has new operating hours, 1215-0330 UTC Monday Thru Friday, 1430-2300 UTC on Saturday, and 1600-0100 UTC on Sunday until 0100 UTC on July 30, 2007. |
| SVC FUEL UNAVBL TIL 0707291600 | Service: All fuel for this airport is unavailable until July 29, 2007 at 1600 UTC. |
| SVC CUSTOMS UNAVBL TIL 0708150800 | Service: United States Customs service for thisairport will not be available until August 15, 2007 at 0800 UTC. |
AIRSPACE | AIRSPACE AIRSHOW ACFT 5000/BLW 5 NMR AIRPORT AVOIDANCE ADZD WEF 0707152000-0707152200 | Airspace. There is an airshow being held at this airport with aircraft flying 5000 feet and below within a 5 nautical mile radius. Avoidance is advised from 2000 UTC on July 15, 2007 until 2200 UTC on July 15, 2007. |
Other contractions used by the National Weather Service and FAA are available at:   Weather Contractions or  Abbreviations list or Braking Action.   If you don't find what you're looking for, contact me and i will research it for you. 


ABN    Airport Beacon
ABV    Above
ACC    Area Control Center (ARTCC)
ACCUM    Accumulate
ACFT    Aircraft
ACR    Air Carrier
ACT   Active
ADJ    Adjacent
ADZD    Advised
AFD    Airport Facility Directory
AGL    Above Ground Level
ALS    Approach Light System
ALT    Altitude
ALTM    Altimeter
ALTN    Alternate
ALTNLY    Alternately
ALSTG    Altimeter Setting
AMDT    Amendment
AMGR    Airport Manager
AMOS    Automatic Meteorological Observing System
AP    Airport
APCH    Approach
AP LGT    Airport Lights...
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