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  • Publicado : 6 de noviembre de 2011
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Elements of the offering
As we know the offering on one of the traditions to celebrate the day of the dead and remember our loved ones who are not, thiscelebration takes various forms in each of the states of the Mexican republic, however, an offering should take all major elements and that is what all have in common.
Theelements of an offering have a special meaning as:
the mat that serving for souls to come and rested on it and to put other things in the offer.
Portrait orpicture of the deceased remembered visit that we and to which the offering is dedicated
Flowers cempasuchil to welcome the soul of the deceased.
Candles that guidethe soul of the deceased on their way to the offering.
Water is the source of life and offered to the spirits to quench their thirst after their long journey.
Across of ashes serves to encourage that when it comes to the altar to atone for their sins pending.
The image of the souls in purgatory is also placed in theoffering to get the freedom of soul of the deceased.
Confetti used to adorn the offering and gives color and joy.
Purified salt purifies and helps the body will not rotin their return trip for next year.
Dead bread is food for the soul.
The food you put in the offering and the honor represent remembered beings.
Objects are alsoplaced more appreciated the deceased.
The sugar skulls makes allusion to death is always present.
Copal and incense is used to clean the place where the offeringthis to ward off evil spirits and so the soul can enter without any danger.
Izcuintle is also the dog who helps souls find their way to the afterlife.
That’s all.
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