Notes on francisco de goya

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Goya- 3rd of May 1808
Things about Francisco de Goya
"The person who does not know extreme pain, fear, and despair cannot truly know Goya" Robert Hughes
He lived almost all of his artistic life (that started when he was 14) in Madrid, but he was born in Fuendetodos, Aragón in 1742 but then in 1749 he moved to Zaragoza where he spent his childhood. Robert Hughes describes how heimagined little Goya doing macho play games in the field coming back home with his best friend “Martin Zapater” who influenced Goya a lot in life and his work (like every best friend does)… but he dies in 1803
He was educated by the Catholic Church, what means that he was well educated… but all those forms of authority did not do well with his anarchist spirit
He was not a peasant; his father was atradesman and his Mother was a Hidalgía (thing that meant that she was the daughter of a no body, nothing royal) thing that made Goya a middle class person.
His brother “Jose Goya” was very much into decoration and he participated in “La basilica del pilar” in Zaragoza… thing that exposed young Goya to a lot of art that was gonna decorate the place.
His entry for the Spanish royal academy wasdenied in 1766, after this he made his 2 year journey to Italy were he won his award for painting skills
Goya lived all his artistic life in Madrid, until when he grew old and spent his last years in Italy and France
In 1786 he became the first painter to the king
Goya suffered of an illness in 1792 that made him completely deaf, thing that made him emphasize much more in visual expression becauseevery experience he had entered him through the eyes; nobody captured motion, facial expression and dark and lights like he did.
In 1812 his wife dies leaving him alone with his only child a
1815 his painting Maya desnuda makes the inquisition put an eye on him
1819 he buys his last house in madrid but not long after he has to leave because of the troubles with the inquisition
1826 Goya returntemporally to Spain to request another leave
1828 Goya dies in April 16th

Kinds of a heroic person. His works said that men and women should be realized from all tyranny, superstition and any perennial props of power in both civilian and religious area were intolerable and those who supported them were not to be trusted.
He was a big rebel and anarchist but knew how to balance itwith his job as a court painter, he tried to make paintings not that very weird, but away from his job he sold many controversial prints such as Los Caprichos or Los Desastres de Guerra… until his last years were he just didn’t give a damn and did whatever he wanted (like any good anarchist).
He basically said “This is the truth, you must know this, and I’ve been through this”
Before Goya no artisthad taken such subject matter at such dept.
Romanticism is a movement that brings emotions to the extremes…and Goya was the one to leave happiness and all that Disney crap behind and bring to the extreme feelings like sorrow, pain, fear and all those that people prefer to stay oblivious to.
He was that taboo that everyone said not to get near, but that just made you get more and more interestedon it.
Been compared to Mathias Grunewald for his amazing way to capture pain, he has bit of Pieter Brueghel for the satirical work, he has also been compared to Bosh because of the strange creatures that both of them render… and he defiantly has been influenced by Caravaggio… But his biggest Masters were Velasquez, Rembrandt (with prints) , but he was also influenced by Englishartists like Thomas Rowlandson, William Hogarth and Sir Joshua Reynolds
Goya was the same that Wagner in his time by using the tritone (thing that gave birth to heavy metal long before Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin) thing that made him be criticized for “Being a preacher for Satan” or maybe Elvis Presley who was controversial for moving his hips on TV and he was accused for… Preaching Satan and...
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