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  • Publicado : 16 de febrero de 2012
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Mexico City. - President Felipe Calderon gave the apparatus 1 million and a half of the "Change your old with a new" saving lamp and number 17 million program "Sustainable Light."

Inthe event, the president stressed that this type of program we all win, families and the government "because we will not give much benefit, you will save between 100 and 150 per home and won theMexicans because we reduce carbon dioxide emissions . 50 million tonnes at the end of this year. "Just to outbreaks reduce one million tons and refrigerators another million tons."

Likewise he said that"we would be saving per household between 100 and 150 pesos to two months for the two programs, the bulbs and refrigerators. Many bills will drop by half or third."

Felipe Calderón declared that"all houses should have Infonavit saving light bulbs, hot sun, water-saving keys, and cooking gas is expensive, we paid half of subsidy especially now that is so high price of oil" .

Also lookforward to a program to replace heaters, sun heaters. "I want to do several things, all authorized centers will exchange saving refrigerators and lamps."

The president began his presentation with anexplanation of the effects that cause global warming and the generation of pollutants such as carbon dioxide.

"On earth, this has led, as shown by scientists, an increased average temperature of theearth in a century rose almost one degree Celsius, the sea temperature has also risen and begins to have a higher level because this more hot water. "

"The worst thing is what happens in theatmosphere because it causes changes in weather, hurricanes in the Caribbean Sea, if it becomes warmer and more quickly because it's like to evaporate seawater and form currents and hurricanes," said thePresident.
I want to take this notice because I think that kinds like this are the one that will change the country, to help poor people and to save a little de world, to use less light, and...
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