Notificaciones y garantias de interes fiscal

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How do you pronunce…………in english? = como se pronuncia……… en ingles
How do you say….in english? = como se dice….. en ingles
What the meaning? =quesignifica
I don’t understand = no le entiendo / I get it =ya entendi I don’t get it= no le entendi
Can you repeat, please? = me puede repetir otra vez
I don’thear you = no le escuche
Speak laund =hablar fuerte

Close/ open the door
Open / close the window
Sit down
Be quiet!
Write theword/question = escribir pregunta o palabra
Answer the question = contesta la pregunta
Circle the correct word = encierra la palabra correcta
Look at theboard= mirar al pizarron
Listen to me /her/you = escuchame
Speak in English = hablar en ingles
Don’t eat in the classroom = no comer en clase
Don’t speak inSpanish = no hablar en español
don’t smoke = no fumar
turn right = voltear
turn left
go straight =irse derecho
across the street = atravesar la calleturn on the right = dar vuelta sobre la derecha
turn on the left
Next to
In front of

Comollegar del zocalo plaza de la computacion
The walk on the 5 de mayo th across the six street, the turn left pas three store

What is your name?
Howold are you?
Where are you from?
What do you do?
What is your experience about this job?
What is your college?
Do you work?
Have you ever worked in afactury?
Is your work full-time?
How do you (usually) ge to work?
What is your speciality?
What do you specialize in?
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