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  • Publicado : 3 de junio de 2011
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ESS32 Readme
V. 5.01.3 9/12/08
 Fixed replication problem that causes more than one "module 64" to be created when replicating ETM, VAV, TBC, UVC and VAV4040 loads  If no zone humidity exists inan IMC "No Sensor", is displayed on the monitoring screen. This is not considered an error and should not be highlighted. Fixed the display to not highlight, "No Sensor".  IMC error codes 76 and 85have incorrect wording. IMC Error code 76 has been changed to "RH Sensor (A91) problem". Error code 85 has been changed to "Humiditrol reheat configuration problem".  ETM-3051T demand ventilation wasnot working if the point was setup in iScope. This fixes all broken global expansion offsets when any one is reentered. ESS32 will no longer close down when an operator accesses an RC2 XE CustomStatus Monitor screen with AOM output points.

V. 5.01.0 (Provided with Software Package 6.0.0)
 The following download messages have been added to the download server:  Module requested download Module request out of turn  Download started  Download passed block 1  RC monitor alarms can now select analog output modules for output function points.  Also, the Logic One executive module inputpoint and advanced meter alarms have been modified and the event and output functions enabled to ensure accurate information is displayed.  Unit type conversion issues related to followingconversions have been fixed:     EP to Lingo XE EP/2 to Lingo XE RC to RC XE RC XE to RC

 RC or RC XE to RC2 XE  RC XE virtual points can now be scaled. Logic One virtual point issues have beenresolved.  The load status monitor will now display the correct module version numbers following downloading of ETM-3051T modules and UCMs.  ESS32 will return to the correct screen when an operator exitsthe Hawki Input Status load monitoring screen.  ESS32 will no longer close down when an operator accesses an RC2 XE Custom Status Monitor screen with AOM output points.  Temporary set-points in...
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