Novela con descriptive adjectives

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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2011
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I’ll never forget that face that made me smile. His round and big eyes, his smile, his large hair and his tiny mouth…
I knew him a few years ago, in myuncle’s old store, now that I remember, I have a distorted image of that store, the chairs, the food, the water… everything is now almost deleted from my head, from my memories.I was ordering my numerous foods: one apple, water, banana, sandwich and my favorite fruit, grapes. Yes, I have this strange list of food for my breakfast.
The pointis that I was ordering my food, and he stands next to me, he says:
-Oh shit, forgive me…
-Never mind- of course I was angry! He hit me and throws his foodand my food on my shirt. How in the world I don’t supposed to be angry?
-No seriously, let me buy you another food.
-That will be great, thanks.
Yes, I know, I’m so pride, but he throwshis food on me! I stay in that restaurant talking with him. I never believe in the love at first sight, but he was, so, soooo romantic! It wasn’t a date, but I felt itlike it was one.
After that, I saw him so many times, so many dates, so many picnics, so many kisses.
There was a little problem, he lived in London, and I’m living inL.A. I know what you’re thinking: “How this ends?”… Well no that happy as I wanted to finish.
The last date was colorful, amazing and so sweet. He asked me to marry him.He turn off the lights, kissed me, he kneels and makes the question… I said no.
Now, three days later, I just got here to London, praying for him to take me back. Hishouse is white and big, I knock, he opened, I say hi, he too, I say: please, I’m sorry; I want to marry you so bad! …
He kissed me, I cry, he said:
-I love you.
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