Novela the pigman

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1- John's and Lorraine's insights are important to share with teenagers.Since Zindel writes The Pigman in first person, the story lends itself well to dramatization. Drama can be an effective means for students to internalize these insights. In the following discussion, I will describe howThe Pigman can be used to create a collaborative dramatic end product.
2- Lorraine begins the secondchapter of their story with more explanation about why they are undertaking this project.

3- Lorraine tells us a bit about John, and his quirky behavior. She says that he gets away with stuff because he is so handsome. He also drinks and smokes a lot for a teenager. [pic]Lorraine is concerned about this, and thinks that some of John's problems are because of his family. [pic]Lorraine reads aboutpsychology and attempts to psychoanalyze John, and everyone else around her.

4- When [pic]Lorraine gets home, her mother is there waiting. Her mother is a private nurse that works with terminally ill patients. Her father left about fifteen years ago, and died about six years ago, so it is just [pic]Lorraine and her mother.

5- Lorraine is going to be a famous writer. In discussing theirdifferences, he says, "Lorraine remembers the big words, and I remember the action."

1- [pic]John sees right through her use of expressions that attempt to make her appear younger and more up-to-date with the students.

2- John doesn't tell Norton and Dennis that Mr. Pignati actually wanted to donate ten dollars to Lorraine's fake charity.

3- Lorraine; tells us that picking Mr. Pignati'sname was not entirely random. She admits that she peeked a little and chose the name because he lived on Howard Avenue, which was only a few blocks from her home. She figured that she could pretend to be calling from some neighborhood charity

4- He says one of the things he liked best about Mr. Pignati was that he didn't try to act like he wasn't behind the times


1- While John,Lorraine and some other students are making prank phone calls, Lorraine picks out Mr. Pignati's phone number and pretends to be calling from a charity called the L & J fund. Mr. Pignati offers to donate ten dollars, and John and Lorraine travel to his house to collect. From the first meeting, the two teenagers and the old man become close friends. Mr. Pignati finds new vitality and happily takes on therole of father figure for the two.
2- He says that he didn't want them to take advantage of this old man, which he was sure Norton and Dennis would do.
3- John can't get the money from his mother, because his father is angry at another prank he pulled. John is told that he is nothing like his.....
4- Lorraine tells him the next day that she doesn't want to go and collect the money from the oldman, but when John's mother won't give him any money for beer, he tries to talk Lorraine into getting the money from Mr. Pignati.

5- The Pigman, few books for young adults were so open and truthful; instead, books tended to portray an ideal world in which adults wished teens would live.


1- Lorraine mother’s was in her home waiting for Loarraine.

2- She wear Ben Franklin Glassesbecause she want to be a writer and she want to read that all she write was correct.

3- John dismisses Lorraine's talk of bad omens. He had fun at the zoo and Mr. Pignati bought them lots of peanuts and candy and ice cream.

4- Right after leaving Mr. Pignati's, John and [pic]Lorraine go to a store to cash the check and buy beer. Lorraine doesn't think John should cash the check, but heconvinces her that if they don't cash it, then the old man will be suspicious and may call the police on them

5-She feels that they ought to do something with Mr. Pignati in return for taking his money. [pic]Lorraine is not convinced.


1 John describes a special tomb where they hang out at the cemetery and talks about how lovely cemeteries are, unless you're dead, that is. He ruminates on...
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