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Acording to recent statics, over two millions children in the united states are receiving their education at home. For many parents who want their children to be taught in a more unconventionalmonner, homeschooling is becoming the preferred choose.
this parents come from various socio-economic classes and have many different reasons for wanting to educate their children themselves.
Some choosehomeschooling because they are concerned about the valves taught in public schools. Others are worried about the dangers of sending ther children to large schools, far from home, or have childrenwith health problems. Some simply feet that they can a teacher who has twenty or even thirty children in the classroom.

homeschooling has many benefits first of all, parents who educate theirchildren at home have the freedom to decide what to teach and how to teach ir, as they do not have to follow a set lesson plan and use especific teaching methods. They can therefore teach their childrenmore than just facts and help them learn vital life skills. In addition to this, they have a more flexible schedule and are therefore able to spend more time together as family.

Moreover children canlearn at their own pace and study subjects which are not included in the school curriculum. They can become involved in their own education and take responsability for it. In this way, they do nothave to wait until they leave school to explore their own interests and passions.

Learning about topics which interest them at a speed which swits them gives children a great sense of achievementand motivates them to learn even more.
therefore, learning be comes it own reward, as the children enjoy developing their understanding and knowledge of the world around them when a child's currimulumis dirictly linked to them they will never get bored of feel that what they are learning is use less children who are educated at home also learn how to find out information for themselves by using...
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