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Unit 7,8 and 9

1. What is an operating system? Is Software that acts as a master control program, controlling the hardware and interacting with the user 2. What are the functions of an operatingsystem? Displays the on-screen elements with which you interact, loads programs into the computers’ memory 3. What are the four major types of operating systems? Single user/ single-tasking operatingsystems Single user/ multitasking operating systems Multi-user/ multitasking operating systems 4. What are the strengths of DOS? Small size, reliability, stability, simple command-line interface, andminimal system requirements. 5. What is optimized to provide network services? Network operating systems. 6. What are some examples of miniaturized Oss designed to run on small computing devices? PalmOS, Symbian OS, and Microsoft products. 7. What is the difference between commercial software and freeware? Commercial software is any program you must purchase and a freeware is the one that does nothace to be purchased 8. What are word processing programs? The ones that are used to create and format text-based documents such as letters and reports. 9. What are personal information managers PIM?Special programs designed to manage contact information, schedules, and other personal or business information. 10. What are the four basics kinds of data in spreadsheets? Labels, numbers, dates andformulas. 11. What are presentation programs? They let you create presentation or collection of screen images called slides. 12. What do presentation programs include? Tools found in word processors,spreadsheets and graphic programs. 13. What is a network? A way to connect computers for communication, data exchange and resource sharing. 14. What is a local area network (LAN)? Computers that arerelatively close to one another. 15. What is a wide area network (WAN)? Multiple LANs that are connected through public utilities such as phone lines or microwave systems. 16. What is an application...
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