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  • Publicado : 11 de junio de 2011
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000000012354Hate you and you hate me
I cannot not look at you andbreathe
So full of hate that i can't see
My funny vibe is hard to miss
Your ignorance can't be called bliss
I have to wash my handsof this

My mind has never been so clear
My hate for you, is one to fear
Take a good look what do you see
No friendto me,

(It's me) I know how to hurt myself
It's me that makes you hate me
It's me that tries to breakfree
(It's me) I know how to hurt you
It's me thaat makes a move
With what I say and what I do

You walk throughlife deaf, dumb and blind
But when it calls you'll have to find
Why must we all be so unkind
I can't believe it's come to this
Themarks I make you can't dismiss
I have to wash my hands of this

My mind has never been so clear
My hate for you, is one to fear...
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