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  • Publicado : 3 de diciembre de 2010
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We have a great variety of birds around the world. One of the most exotic bird is the Atlantic Puffin.

The Atlantic Puffin is a little beautiful birdthat has very bright colors in its bill and has strange pretty eyes.

They also have strange ways to catch their food, they can have more than 12 fish in ther mouth at thesame time.

This strange bird also has a rare way of living. Their nests are inthe highest part of the cliffs. They live in fresh and humid weather, which is rare to thebords to live there.

Regarding how they reproduce themselves, thar they have one son, both members of the pair have the same responsability to feed their child, that`s theway it most be in every family.

With 6 million alive today, Atlantic Puffin are not endagered, but some populations have been dratically reduced. Puffin colonies arethreatened by overfishing. It causes a shortage of food for adults to feed tjeir young, also we have adversaly affects puffins, who are adapted to living in waters about 0-20celsius.

In terms in how can we help them we need to be aware of what and how we are causing this weateher change around the world, that also affects not just the Atlanticpuffin but all kind of plants and animals.

We have to work personally and with the help of some organizations around the world to protect all the environment to help theAtlantic Puffin and some other species not to be endangered to disapear.

We also can work in some investigations to find things that can help this great birds to livebetter in order to mantain their population with the right number of them, this birds are important to all ecosystem that permits that other species lives as they need to.
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