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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2010
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Todd: OK, Jeff, we're talking about being healthy and you mentioned the need for exercise and in particular you do yoga, but I think you always follow a very healthy diet. Is that true?Jeff: Yes. It's true. People often ask me how do you get in shape? How do you stay in shape? What should I do? And they always say should I exercise, exercise, exercise and I always answer no. You cando a little bit of exercise but what really matters more is your diet: what you eat and how you eat. I think people don't realize that I think it's more important, your eating habits than yourexercising habits.
Todd: Yeah, you know, earlier you were talking about discipline and I have very good discipline when it comes to work and to exercise. I exercise every day, but I have no discipline whenit comes to eating. I eat terrible foods.
Jeff: The thing is though that a lot of people think that only the delicious food is the foods that's not healthy, but I think once you... it's likeeverything else, once you start doing something you can sort of become to enjoy and like more healthy food. Chips are good, but if you start eating vegetables, fruits, bananas, apples and oranges, your bodywill start to develop a taste for those, so that when you eat potato chips they're not as good as a nice fresh piece of fruit. It sounds strange but, yeah, your body begins to enjoy foods that arehealthy.
Todd: Well, you are a very lean person, very fit, so what type of diet do you follow? What foods do you tend to eat?
Jeff: Lots of things that are not fried. That are not heavy incarbohydrates, like breads, and rices and things like this. Lighter food, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, lots of fish. I tend to stay away from meat cause it's very heavy and pork. It's heavy. But lighter things.And I don't eat so much. I always eat so that I'm not full. I'm not stuffed. And then lots of good snacks, light snacks: peanuts and rice crackers or fruit or... Any junk food, I don't eat much...
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