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We are told of nutrition early in life. We were told to take vitamins, nutritious food we ate, we avoid junk food and fatty foods, drinking enough glasses of water, in addition to perform the testperiod. This means that we we fed healthy food.

An excellent combination of healthy diet and exercise, we will produce a healthy lifestyle. The trend today is to eat fast food, processed foods, notexercising and this means poor nutrition.

We live under the stress of rushing to relocate prevents a healthy lifestyle. We must change our eating and exercise habits and opt for a healthier life."What is Nutrition?"

Nutrition is a basic element of health. Some practitioners say that every disease is the result of inappropriate dietary habits.

Due to rapid increase in health care, andthe desire of living longer, healthier, a greater percentage of the population is concerned about nutrition and to maintain their health.

Undoubtedly, nutrition plays a big role here.

Propernutrition and physical activity can help prevent continuous consumption of drugs or even surgery to correct the results of bad eating habits without exercise.

Healthy eating habits (the way we eat) arethe foundation of a healthy diet.

"Pillars of Nutrition"

We need to bring a healthy diet. The foods we eat contain a lot of toxins that keep our body has a normal operation.

So you have tomake better choices about your lifestyle and your diet and get results
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The pillars of nutrition are known as macronutrientsbecause they represent the largest portion of food after water. These are:

• Protein: Composed of 20 different amino acids. Are obtained through the diet. Is required to consume 30% of the total diet.• Fats: Required consume 20% of the total diet.

• Carbohydrates: Requires consume 50% of the total diet.

"Healthy Nutrition Plan"

The world has changed. Life is lived faster. Lack...
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