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  • Publicado : 27 de marzo de 2011
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Title of article: “The Feeding of Great Children: The Impact of Nutrition on Learning”

Author: Pamela Schmidle

Source: ERIC - LLRC
Web address:

1. Paraphrased description of information in this article:
In this articlethe author is giving examples of children who suffered from behavioral disorders due to poor eating habits. It is shown that due to changing diets in their meals made notable progress in theirbehavior. It is very important for children to consume their proteins needed for growth and physical development, but excessive sugar can also cause learning disabilities.
According to thisarticle, at breakfast, the first meal of the day is when we should avoid giving our children cereals, pancakes with syrup, yogurt containing colorful candy, breakfast bars with chocolate pieces, etc.Sweeteners are also used to motivate children for good behavior, especially at schools, and this have been linked to depression and headaches. Dyes and preservatives also found in these productsmentioned above have been found to cause hyperactivity and distractibility. Children are at a greater risk of the negative effects of these chemicals due to their smaller body weight and developingbrains.
This article also states how parents need to be better empowered to be good role models and help their children eat a healthy diet.

2. New information I learned:
Research is showing thatexcessive sugars, dyes, preservatives, and possibly even milk and wheat products can affect activity level, attention, interactions, confidence, and sense of well being, all factors that impact achild's ability to learn. A child cannot be asked to make healthy food choices while the rest of the family makes unhealthy ones. In order for change to occur the entire family must be committed to...
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