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  • Publicado : 29 de enero de 2012
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Diet of Pamela Borbolla (1 day)
* 2 quesadillas
* 1 donut
* Water and orange juice
* 1 milanesa empanizada
* 1 Plate of spaghetti
* Half banana
Dinner* 1 plate mac and cheese
* Milk with chocolate

Analyze portions
Morning: the quesadillas include cheese and tortilla, in cheese they are abut two portions and tortilla the same. (foreach tortilla) a donut include glucose and bread, there is maybe two portions of bread because the donuts are huge, and sugars a lot, about maybe three portions.

Afternoon: the milanesa is skinny, butis the size of two cassettes, so maybe in total is one portion. The pasta of spaghetti is one portions because is only a small plate; like a tennis ball. And half the banana is one portion of fruit.Dinner: mac and cheese include pasta and lipids, and cheese. So maybe there is one portion of mac and cheese plus a portion of American cheese. And the lipids are in the cheese that is fabric, notthat natural. There is a portion of mil about a cup, but plus the chocolate that is a lot of carbs.
Some recommendations for this diet would be maybe a little bit more carbohydratesor grain intake, she is taking 6 portions per day and maybe one or two more would be a little bit better. She’s taking 3 serving of dairy plus one of meat meaning that she’s taking a good amount ofprotein but maybe another extra portion would be more healthy for her. She is taking a big amount of sugar and lipids that it would be better to reduce the amount per day. In the fruit and vegetablesarea she needs to eat about one fruit more per day and maybe a salad so she could complete the 3 servings per day needed for the vegetables.
Comparing diet
( Quita kilos diet isdivided in the 7 days of the week and in morning, afternoon and night. It is a portion per type of food.)
Bread with ham, one portion of fruit and a glass of milk. | Chicken and a fruit. | Omelet,...
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