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  • Publicado : 12 de octubre de 2010
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Nutrition is a science that examines the relationship between diet and health. According to to have a good nutrition first people have to know what classes of nutrientsdoes the body needs daily. They are six nutrients:
Carbohydrates: whole grain bread, cereal, crackers, rice or pasta choose six to 11 servings daily.
Protein: meat, poultry, fish, dry beans,eggs and nuts choose two to three servings daily.
Fat: use sparingly.
Fruit Group: two to four servings daily.
Milk, Yogurt, Cheese Group: choose two to three servings.
Vegetables Group: three tofive serving daily.
Nutritionist say that when a person develops their own plan to eating healthy, he/she will be able to expand his/her range of healthy choices to include a variety of foods,vegetables, grains and fruits.
Healthy eating and being physically active are keys to a healthy lifestyle. People have to commit to their healthy diet so they can improve their overall’s health. Healthyfoods help your body function by providing energy, strengthening immunity, and improving your ability to stay fit and active.
According to Medical HealthWise, balanced diet provides the nutrientsyou need to avoid nutritional deficiencies. Non-nutrients, such as fiber, are also necessary to a healthy diet. Moreover, having a healthy diet can prevent the risk of developing certain diseases suchas cancer and heart disease. It is also helpful in treating diabetes and high blood pressure.
People may reduce their risk of many chronic diseases – including heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosisand certain cancers – while increasing their energy and stamina. Healthy eating can even lower bad cholesterol.
Remember that every metabolism is different. Some people need more proteins thanothers, but in order to loose weight there are several steps that people should do: try not to eat fast food, always eat healthy. Don’t abuse fats. For not gain weight or loose weight the body needs...
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