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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2012
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Manuel Mansilla English Movie Review Saw III Detective Matthews is locked in the bathroom of the first film, Amanda cursing, trying to break the chainsomehow then Eric saw the severed foot of Dr Gordon grabs a with rusty saw that this was a short walk away, not daring to take such brutality bathing cap withwhich Adam killed Zep and repeatedly hits the ankle to break it and bend it to go through the chain ring thus freeing the trap. Meanwhile, Detective Kerry,the coroner Sergeant Hoffman and Rigg, Jigsaw investigate a new case, in which a man named Troy, he is in chains through various parts of his body, his testwas pulling the strings of the various over the body before it exploded a bomb in the room. Troy does, but when it is a string in the lower jaw and can notsee without murdering wrest the bomb explodes and dies. Rigg tells Kerry Hoffman and it was impossible to get out because the door was also welded fromoutside. Jigsaw could not have been because the pattern was not his macabre games. When Kerry returns home is captured and wakes up in a room with a semi-darkdevice hooked to his ribcage. In a video, Jigsaw explains the rules of the game: if less than a minute not grab a key that is inside a vat of acid, themachine will trip and open your rib cage, Kerry quickly puts his hand and pulls the key, burning part of the hand, but discovers unbolt the machine does not openanyway, and then realizes that it has no outlet. Amanda appears at this time, and Kerry looks in surprise, the machine activates and Kerry dies.

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