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West Europe's energy drink sales rose a further 11% to 487 million liters with a retail value of 3,757million in 2007
The reason of this grow is "Intensifying competition, effective marketing support and increased consumer acceptance as well as loyalty have been key contributors to current growth,"commented Zenith Market Intelligence Director Gary Roethenbaugh. "Manufacturers have been extending distribution and developing more mainstream appeal, targeting a wider range of consumer groups. This hasresulted in a shift of emphasis towards the retail channel", he added.
The three largest markets in 2007 were the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, which together accounted for 56% of West Europeanvolume. France was the fastest growing market, albeit from a very low base, up 22% on 2006, followed by Ireland, Denmark and Spain.
Energy drinks have progressively come under greater influence fromlarger industry players, with Red Bull commanding around 60% of overall 2007 volume. Actually Monster Energy is a brand very important behind of Red Bull and brands like Rockstar or NOS are famous butno ass much as Red Bull or Monster Energy.
Energy Drink | Based on Euros sales (billion) |
Red Bull | 2,2 |
Monster Energy | 1,5 |
Rockstar | 0,4 |
NOS| 0,2 |


This product was created for people who require some times increasing your level of attention, concentration or reaction. This includes students, drivers, teachers,athletes, office workers and others, this because of it´s ease of regeneration and other virtues. It is advised not to take more than two a day and not mixed with alcohol.

Becoming more popularamong young people, especially 11 to 16 years and 20 to 25 years, who take them to "be able to hold more and stay awake," either for fun or for school work, not knowing the enormous risks that...
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