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I chose Obama because for me he is agood person and is the only candidate who could help the United States after the economic situation that leave Bush Turing his administration.
He is 44 and currently president of the united states. is the first black candidate in the Democratic Party and the first to be the president of the country. He graduated from Columbia University andHarvard law school For me obama is good president, because he is prepared, he graduated with honors and he is against of any act of violence. He has placed great importance on the decrease of wars between countries. He became president after defeating the republican John McCain. I want to talk a little about him: He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961. His parents were separated when hewas Orly a boy, his father died in a car accident in 1982. in his political career he was elected senator in Illinois in 1985. in January 2003 became the president of the health and human services committee in Illinois. During his political campaign question Bush administration for the active war with Iraq and Obama called for more respect for the lives of all soldiers. in 2006 obama was a senatorin the committees of the environment and public works, he was also wa interested in the war veterans. On his presidential campaign in 2007 announced his candidacy for the presidency, in Illinois. the campaign raised $ 58 million dollars, some of this money was from donations.

Obama in the elections raise 64.9% of the vote and then he became the president-elected. his vision in his governmentpolicy is to cease conflict with Arabian countries. in 2006 Obama conducted a diplomatic dialogue with Syria and Iran. obama put as position as official government religion the christian. In his private life, is married with Michelle Robinson. obama had a book and the money from selling the family moved to Chicago in the Kenwood neighborhood, the house is valued at $ 1.6 million dollars. one ofhis hobbies is basketball. before announcing his candidacy for president, he began a campaign to help people stop smoking. in October 2009 it was announced that the Nobel Peace Prize had been awarded to barack obama, for his efforts to open international dialogue and cooperation between peoples. everything I wrote is reason enough for people to believe that obama is the correct president, becausehe is well prepared and has a clear vision to improve the country and help other countries.


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BARACK OBAMA (information)

• is the forty-fourth andcurrent president of the United States of America.
• Obama was a senator from Illinois since January 3, 2005 until his resignation on November 16, 2008.
• It was also the first black candidate of the Democratic Party and is the first to carry the presidential office.
• He graduated from Columbia University and at the Harvard Law School Law School
• In March 2004, he won the Democraticprimary election
• Finally he was elected to the Senate in November 2004, with 70% of the votes.
• As a representative of the Democratic minority in the 109th Congress, co-sponsored the legislation to control conventional weapons and to promote greater public accountability in the use of federal funds
• Since the announcement of his presidential campaign in February 2007, Obama has emphasizedending the Iraq War, increasing energy independence and providing universal health care as major priorities.
• On February 10, 2007 announced his candidacy for president of the United States and the June 3, 2008 became the Democratic nominee.
• In the general election on November 4, 2008, became president-elect after winning the Republican presidential candidate John McCain
• On 9 October of...
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