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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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Obera, My Land:
Obera is my beautiful city with thousands of citizens more than 90.000 and all these people lives in the city and also in the suburbs. At moon there’s too muchtraffic, it’s an urban chaos at that hours because there’s too many vehicles and the streets are over capacity. Obera is too important on the region in industry and education. It’stoo quiet, here we have low crime rates, It’s too peaceful also here we great squares and small squares like San Martin Square or Guemes small square.
Like an Obera’s Citizen Ifeel so proud to born here, I love this land this is my soul. Obera have style from other great cities on the world, it’s too cosmopolitan because we have a little Times Square inour downtown and we have too much European influence on the buildings and architecture. Definitely Obera meets a lot of cultures from around the world, that’s awesome and that’s theessence of this great city.
Some people thinks Obera is too bored and small but those people forgets we have Micro-Cinemas, A casino, coming soon a wonderful hotel, variousrestaurants, a few of pups and Discos, and lots of small and middle shops also I think we have too many awesome natural places and green zones, outside of the city there’s a too bigpark called The Nations Park it is used for the celebration of a very important party here, The Immigrants Festival, it’s a great party where every different culture in this townmeets like one great culture, there there’s a few of concerts, a lot of fun and too many dancers and dancing.
Definitely this awesome city is in our hearts, we must feel so proud toborn here and It doesn’t care if you go to Buenos Aires, The USA, China or Europe, always there’s a part of you who will miss this blessed soul because Obera It’s too special.
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