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Obesity is excess body fat, as a rule, causes an increase in body weight. Increasingly,this condition is considered a true chronic disease, very common in developed countries, and not theresult of habit or lack of will to stop eating.
A growing number of obese who are facing, also a major cosmetic problem, especiallyin today's society where thinness is one of the most popular physical values. Toall thiswe must add that obesity is a disease that causes many costs, some resulting from the treatments of diseases triggered by her and others from the disability.

Metabolic disease
Obesity isconsidered the metabolic disorder with a greater presence in the Western world and is a real public health problem because it reduces the amount and quality oflife. In many cases, this disease isassociated with chronic conditions like diabetes,hypertension or cardiovascular disease. Although this disease usually causes a significant increase in body weight, not always.Some statistics indicate that this disease is suffered by 45% of men and 38% ofwomen and is expected to increase in coming years. Also, as has been observed inrecent years the number of obese people has increased,with remarkable increase of the disease in children. This can be explained by the change in eating habits, as theyconsume more fat, and implementation of very little exercise.

Factors that cause
Thereare many causes of obesity, of which two are the most common. The first one is to eat more calories than your body burns, while a second case refers to the executionof minor physical exercise yourbody needs. And is that when ingested calories andnot burn, they accumulate in fat in the body and give rise to certain complications, such as hypertension, diabetes and coronary diseases.
It should alsobe noted that the genetic factor has a lot to do with obesity, so that children of patients suffer a tenfold risk of developing it. Finally, it is noteworthy that a number of obese people that are...
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