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  • Publicado : 14 de febrero de 2012
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Actions to Fight Childhood Obesity In Mexico
Actions to combat childhood obesity in Mexico

Obesity itself may not be considered as a problem, except for thosewho suffer, however, when population indices recorded a surge in the number of people who have it, you must stand the consequences this may have on the dynamics country at alllevels and not become an uncontrollable problem unsolvable.
Mexico is in a process of development and cultural change accelerated, largely by the demands of the internationalcommunity and economic dynamics.
In the last twenty years increased childhood obesity worldwide, particularly in countries with high levels of development. This increase can beexplained by the type of food that children receive in urban contexts characterized by long distances to prevent gatherings and eating healthy, not to mention the result ofsedentary life few public spaces for physical activity, among other factors, obesity in children is so prevalent that one could almost speak of an epidemic.
This situation has alsobeen associated with transitions demographic, epidemiological and nutritional explaining major changes in the food culture of our country. Another factor is the adoption ofunhealthy habits and rapid urbanization in recent years as the constant consumption of foods considered "junk", characterized by not very nutritious and calorie-excessive, and soon. It is considered that obesity in our country is a public health problem of great magnitude that has strong economic implications, social and health services to medium andlong term. It is important to implement nutrition education strategies aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, considering the food culture as an aspect of social development ...
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