Objetificacion de la mujer

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Hult International Business School
Sick: Illness and Society
Luis Alfredo Lacruz

Objectification of women

Judith Posner in Atkinson Review of Canadian Studies 1, Spring 1984 gives the following definition of objectification: Objectification is the "object-like character of an image that connotes passivity, vulnerability, property, and, in its most extreme form,victimization." Now, in my opinion, is media the most dangerous field that can objectify women, as we will see in this essay. And the problems this kind of ads creates like eating disorders and body dysmorphia disorder (BDD).

The media constantly resorts to it is power of diffusion, using the technique of repetition to capture as many people as possible. The field of communication and especially the fashionindustry use the power of the image in a continuous way, because "the way of acting and thinking of individuals is conditioned by the image." This sentence belongs to the authors of the first book of Art and philosophy (Augustine and Thomas Domingo and Lydia Feito). They added: "The power of the image is a double-edged sword: on one hand it makes us more uniform and equal, because we can sharetrends, products and tastes and in turn gives us the ability to find a different and unique identity." This creates the problem because it makes people to like the same, yet it causes all kinds of items appear stereotypical in all kinds of people: men, women, political, American, homosexual, etc. But let's focus as it says the title as it relates to women, and how these affect young generation,Lacruz

stereotyping the women body. Analyzing the video ‘Sexual Objectification of women’ which presents a few images of cover’s magazines, ads and thoughts of the author.

Adult women usually present them as housewives weak, defenseless, dependent (of man), delicate and sensitive. Where else see this image of women is in ads for detergents, food and other household utensils. Another image thatgives the advertising of women is the typical "sexy woman" thin, beautiful, stunning body, seductive and without identity. This type of woman just puts her body and beauty in the service advertisement to the satisfaction of men. Alcoholic beverage companies and stuff are exploiting this image of women in advertising. In this way they focus the negative aspects of the woman who does not representwhat is actually the female gender, although they show a woman as beautiful, as I mentioned before. This will create stereotypes that harm women's society.

In this video we see a few ads that creates the stereotype of women body. First we see the covers of the magazine girls with thin body, big boobs and perfect face (0:34). Nowadays this is the only body we see on magazines and ads, so forwomen this creates a problem because they feel they have to be like them to be accepted by society, especially by men. They have to look with the ‘perfect body’ (with this I

mean the women body created by society as sexy or hot: a proper size of breasts, thin body, long legs and big butt)

One of the more common practice of advertising since its inception has been to reduce women to asimple object within the entire advertising content. Portray women in different ways, depending on the content of ads and target them. For example one ad that really call my attention was the picture with a man laid on the top of a girl but her face is cover by a magazine with a car (0:44). ‘Ultimate attraction’ by BMW. My point here is that he just wants the car, and just the car ‘attracts’ him,but still the women body is thin and perfect even if she does not show her face you can tell is the typical women we see in all advertising. In the minute (0:48) shows a girl naked with all kind of fake jewelry, again the ‘perfect body’ (she is not showing her face so is all about the body) Her breasts are big and the text says: ‘Who cares is they’re not real?’ Of coarse it refers both things,...
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