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Love in New York.
First act.
Narrator: Was a rainy day in Central Park at a Halloween party Tony and Maria was. Maria wore a costume ofcat woman and Tony wore costume of Tarzan. Were found in the bar and It was love at first sight.
Maria: Than original Tarzan costume, youlook very well, highlight your personality.
Tony: And you´re a very cute kitten. Do you want smoke?
Maria: No thanks, I don´t smoke.
Tony:Well then we dance.

Second act.
Narrator: after dancing a while, they exchanged facebooks, to keep in contact, from that day chattedevery day. Until Maria’s brother realized the relationship between tony and Maria, and does not like.
Shark: do you know how is tony? Do youknow he’s gay?
Maria: is impossible, you’re a liar
Shark: okay but not gay drug dealer, stay away from him
Maria: no, I love himThird act.
Narrator: since then moment, the problems begin between the families. Because tony´s cousin says that Maria is a bitch
Jet: whenthe party ended, Maria went with three men, is a bitch.
Tony: I do not care what has happened, I love her .

Fourth act:
Narrator:Maria and tony escapes to marry and be happy. When they were going to say, I do.
Shark: if you are married to kill them both, if I can’t willhave any one.
Narrator: shark shot and jet gets and die. After kills his sister, in the end up he marrying tony and shark.
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