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The Golden Ball

(Drawing made by a fourth grade student)



Act I:

forest scene; well; golden ball; pearl necklace; rhinestone braceletActs II and II:

castle dining hall; table and chairs; dishes; door


A scene in the forest. The princess enters, singing and playing with a golden ball.
Princess: My, howquiet the forest is. And such a beautiful day! To make everything perfect, my father the king gave me this golden ball. It´s so precious. I´ll treasure it forever (sees well and stops suddenly). My,I´ve never seen this well before. I wonder where it came from? (looks down well). It certainly is deep. It must go down for miles. (drops ball into well) Oh, no! I´ve lost my ball in the well. What shallI do? Oh, what shall I do? (begins to cry).

Frog: (sticks head up from behind well) Croak, croak. Princess , why are you crying? Croak, croak.

Princess: Croak, croak yourself, you horrible frog!Go away! I dropped my golden ball into the well. If I could get it back, I´d give everything I own — my pearl necklace (touches necklace); my diamond bracelet (shows bracelet) — everything!

Frog:I can get your ball. But what would I do with all your fine things?

Princess: (angrily) How should I know? (turns back on frog)

Frog: (taps her on shoulder) Look, you´re upset. I´ll get yourgolden ball.

Princess: (turning to frog) You will?

Frog: Yes, I will — if you let me live at the castle.

Princess: What!

Frog: And let me eat from your golden plate.

Princess: Eat from mygolden plate!

Frog: And let me sleep on your pillow.

Princess: (turns to audience) What nonsense this frog talks. But he can get my golden ball. And he´ll never be able to find his way to thecastle. (turns to frog) Very well, find my golden ball and I´ll do what you ask.

Frog: You will have your golden ball (disappears behind well).

Princess: (looking down well) My goodness. It´s...
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