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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2011
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LUIS------T- Bird (Kenickie)- Another year at school
ALEX-----T-Bird (Sony) Yeah! And the last one!
YAIR----- T-Bird (Peter) Look there is Danny with kenickie
(they gotowards them)
RUBEN---T-Bird (Danny)-Good to see you guys!
ALEX-----T-Bird (Sony)-What do you do on summer Danny?
RUEBN---T-Bird (Danny)-I spend my days on the beach it was so cool
ALL ----- T-Birds-Ok tell us everything

NATHALY---Sandy-Do I look fine Frenchy?
FERNANDA--Frenchy-You look great sandy
(walking toward Frenchy)
DENEBH------Marty-Again here at school
MIRZA---------Rizzo-And thisyear we are going to rule the school
DENEBH------Marty-Hey Frenchy how are you?
FERNANDA---Frenchy-Hi ladies! This is sandy, they are Marty, Rizzo and….
NATHALY-----Sandy-Hi everyone
(They say hi)
MIRZA---------Rizzo-So what do you do on vacations?
NATHALY-----Sandy-I went to the beach with a boy, it was really romantic………

(Starts music of summer loving)

ACT 2SERGIO-------Tony-this party is going to be great
JAZMIN-------Patty-the gym has never seen so nice
NAHOMI------Jan-We´re going to be on TV
DAVID---------John- Look at the camera
FEDERICO----Bruce- Hey…I want you tomeet Sasha
KEREN--------Sasha- Hi there, let´s do some dancing!

(start dance of nursery)
(dance of elementary school)


ALEX----Sony- Hey boys we have a problem with the carYAIR-----Peter- The problem is that this car is trash
(boys laugh…except Danny)
REFUGIO----Danny-Hey guys what do you drive ehh??
LUIS-----------Kenickie- Well I drive……..
REFUGIO-----Danny- And you?YAIR-----------Peter- Mmm well I…I..mmm?
ALEX----------Sony- Come on guys , look this car could be systematic!
REFUGIO-----Danny- Hydromatic!
T-Birds- Ultramatic!
REFUGIO-----Danny- It could be greaselighting!

(start song of grease lighting)

football players paying football
HECTOR------Michael- Hey, Adam here’s the ball.
FIDEL----------ADAM-- let’s play football!

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