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Las obras de Marshall Mcluhan son las siguientes :
* 1951 The Mechanical Bride: Folklore of Industrial Man (1ra Ed.: The Vanguard Press,NY 1951) (Gingko Press)
* 1960 Report on Project in Understanding New Media National Association of Educational Broadcasters.
* 1960 Explorations in Communication, edited with EdmundCarpenter. (1ra Ed: Beacon Press: Boston 1960)
* 1962 The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man (Routledge & Kegan Paul)
* 1964 Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (Gingko Press)* 1967 The Medium is the Massage (written with Quentin Fiore; produced by Jerome Agel) (Random House; 2000 reprint by Gingko)
* 1967 Verbo-Voco-Visual Explorations (1st Ed: Something ElsePress, NY 1967)
* 1968 War and Peace in the Global Village (design/layout by Quentin Fiore; produced by Jerome Agel) (2001 reprint by Gingko)
* 1968 Through the Vanishing Point - space inpoetry and painting (written with Harley Parker) (1st Ed.: Harper & Row, NY 1968)
* 1969 Counterblast (design/layout by Harley Parker) (1st Ed.: McClelland and Steward, Toronto 1969)
* 1970Culture is Our Business (1st Ed.: McGraw Hill, NY 1970)
* 1970 From Cliché to Archetype With Wilfred Watson (1st Ed: Viking, NY 1970)
* 1970 Take Today: the Executive As Dropout With BarringtonNevitt. (1st Ed: Harcourt Brace Jovanovish, NY 1970)
* 1977 City As Classroom: Understanding Language and Media With Eric McLuhan (1st Ed: University of Toronto Press, Toronto 1977)
* 1988Laws of Media: The New Science With Eric McLuhan (1st Ed: University of Toronto Press, Toronto 1988)
* 1989 The Global Village with Bruce R. Powers) (Oxford University Press)
* 2004Understanding Me (edited by Stephanie McLuhan and David Staines),The MIT Press,
* 2006 The Classical Trivium. Corte Madera: Gingko Press.
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