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It all begins when Jonathan Harker a young real estate agent must make a trip to Transylvania to complete the work of his partner, George Renfield, which was the conclusion to buy properties inLondon to Count Dracula, who also asks him explain things about London. Renfield is admitted to a mental hospital since his trip to the place of the Carpathian Mountains. At first Jonathan's stay in thehome of Count Dracula is normal, but as the days go by you begin to realize the strange nature of their host (see that is not reflected in the mirrors). As the days passed the pleasant old Jonathan hadknown at first, becomes a despicable, vile and vicious, to the point that it has to take prisoner the young agent. While in London fiancee Mina Murray Harker Jonathan has started impatient for histardiness.

Taking the young prisoner in his castle Harker, the Count decides to travel to London, but this should make the trip put in boxes with soil of Transylvania, as it must rest on the sacredsoil of their homeland. To reach their destination must travel by carriage to a nearby port "Bosphorus" and by boat to a port to the south coast of England. At the same time the young Mina decides tostay with her friend Lucy Westernra to find some rest. Lucy is a young, affluent, living in a luxurious mansion (we know what counts for the maids, but is more in the film).

Time passes, and Jonathanis still imprisoned in the castle of Dracula. While in London, Lucy suffered strange symptoms: extreme pallor, weakness, and two small holes in his neck, caused by an alleged illness, but whatactually happened to the girl, I was just becoming vamp or No- Dracula dead because he sucked the blood which needed the blood of the living to survive and rejuvenate.

By not improving the health of herfiance Lucy Holwood Lord Arthur, Quincey Morris and Lord Godlaming with Mina asked for advice to Dr. Seward. This doctor is the director of the asylum which is not as crazy or insane Renfield, and...
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