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*Hook Captain ---> main character

*Jack Sparrow

*Patch the pirate

*Candy´s pirate

*Morgan Captain


*Hector Barbosa

*David Jones

*Will Turner

*6 women
3 acts
10 pirates
6 women
2 ships

The pirates are telling histories about the pirates´ life.
The pirates don´t want to take a shower.
The pirates are looking for a big treasure.
The pirates start fighting with the women.
The pirates fall in love with the women and they take a shower.
MESSAGE If you don´t take a shower, you don’t find the really treasure.
Author FranciscoJavier Bernad Morales

THE TREASURE OF Barbarossa Title

First Act
The scene represents the deck of a sailboat. On the floor, buckets and coils of rope. A table or other raised support on the left will act as the mast-head for the lookout. On the right, the wheel. Everything will look messy, including clothing and hair of the pirates.

When the curtain will be opened in thecenter, sitting on the floor Astolfo and Ptolemy, and their positions Casimiro, the lookout, and Pepe, the helmsman. The rest of the pirates in the appropriate number next to Morgan Boatswain, standing)

Pirate Chorus (sung to the tune of "Neither I wash or comb my hair / and I put the blanket / until you return my boyfriend / the war in Melilla. / Poor things mothers / As mourn / to see yourchildren / a the war will "):

Neither I wash or comb my hair
I wear a tie or
until you find a treasure
hidden in a can.
Poor things parents
much cry
to see their children
to go swimming.
My boat is not my boat,
My boat is a bathtub,
where we piratesto wash our ears.
Poor things parents
much cry
to see their children
to go swimming.

Morgan: (A loud cries and gestures of bravado) One hundred thousand cetaceans frowning! No more songs! All work!
They all go to the right, except Astolfo, Ptolemy, Casimiro and Pepe.
Ptolemy: Astolfo, you who have navigated the seas tell me a story.I look forward both to become a good pirate like you!

Astolfo (mysterious): Listen, Ptolemy, the pirate life is not easy. Yo I can tell you of terrible things that would shake the bravest men.
Ptolemy: Please talk.
The lookout yawns loudly. The helmsman begins to recite in full voice of the Pirate Song.
Pepe: With ten barrels per band ...
Astolfo (the watch and the helmsman): Hey! You!Stop making noise and there is no way to be understood. (A Ptolemy) have already been silent. You believe that whales are capable of swallowing an entire ship, or that they catch giant octopus with its tentacles and are sunk into the depths of the ocean's most dangerous monsters.
Ptolemy (scared): No doubt. Just thinking about them makes me shudder.
Astolfo: Well you're wrong, there is a muchmore terrible.
The watchman sleeps and occasionally lets out a loud snore.
Ptolemy: What?
Astolfo: Flying fish
Ptolemy: Flying fish?
Astolfo: Yes, with its great wings flocks of flying fish rise over ships in the darkest night and then descend to the deck, where they devour the whole crew before flying back to the sea.
The watchman hoarsely. Sign Boatswain Morgan on the right
Morgan:One hundred thousand cetaceans frowning!
The watchman wakes startled and tries to conceal.
Casimiro: Water sight!
Morgan moves toward the center, close to Ptolemy and Astolfo. It sucks a finger and then lift it.
Morgan: Has the wind! Ye gang of lazy, take in sail!
Astolfo: But, Mr. Boatswain, if they are furled.
Morgan: Then izadlas! And thou, helmsman turns three hundred sixty...
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