Octavio paz poesias

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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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The Image of Octavio Paz
One of the faces of the human condition is to be alive; the other one is to be a mortal. Between the life and the death the time of each man passes; the one of Octavio Paz has been long, dense and fruitful. He is remembered like a great poet over any other consideration, whose mission consisted of investigating the mechanisms of the world without reproducing themor ecstasy before them but redeeming and transforming them. His essays are not more than an answer to his reflective nature. He did not keep his own reflections, he wrote them in prose. A prose that is categorical, castigated, synthetic, metaphorical and lyrical. His subjects are many, he questions everything: history, sociology, anthropology, linguistic, indoctrinates, poems, relation of thelanguage with the reality, sense and meaning, signs and symbols. (Paz) “I write poetry because I have no other choice, because it responds to an inner necessity.” Octavio Paz is a poet who thinks, not a thinker who writes poems. In the course of his life, he has been faithful to two fundamental premises: the critical conscience, because only the renaissance of the critical spirit can provide a littlelight in the dark of the present history, and the energetic defense of the freedom of the man, whose aim is always a justification of the essential values of the humanism.
Octavio Paz was a vital, optimistic and brave man; people always became jumbled in his literary critic as political. He believed in the poetry, the freedom and the love. Love that values soul and body, without being tiedneither by marriage nor by procreation. Next to the surrealism it is possible to be said that his teachers were the poets of his language who preceded to him immediately. Perhaps the own characteristic of the works by Paz consists to have known to combine the tradition of the past in the contemporary tradition. He has been able to unite writing and moral life, word andthought. His years in India helped him to have deep meditation on the conception of the world, the life and the art. India did not enter through his head but through his eyes, the ears and other senses. His Indian education was sentimental, artistic and spiritual. For that reason its influence was reflected not only in its writings but in their own life. This Mexican writer was interested in thephilosophy because he wanted to find wisdom, but has never tried a philosophical explanation of the poetry, he has only reflected on what the poetry says and how it says it.
Mexicanity and the Mexican itself has always been a constant questioning of writers, poets, sociologist, film directors and even painters. What are they, where are they coming from and where are they going? Octavio Paz, thisgreat Mexican literate and thinker, about him we can say that he submerged himself and we can even say he scuba dived in the roots of that magical and mystical land that is Mexico and its individuals with their peculiar way of being that at the same time it denies itself. They are people in the eternal search for identity and

they try to hide that search with images, symbols, traditions,religion and masks. Through their veins two different heritages flow, the Indian and the Spaniard (one being more accepted than the other one), that even after all this time they still haven’t learned to join together and that part of history still torments them, this is how they go into scary labyrinths always joined by an inevitable solitude, the solitude of the Mexican as Octavo Paz says., an hermeticbeing that does not open himself but it hurts when he lets out the inner self, but the Mexican man is anyways hard to understand.
The Mexican woman according to Paz is a complete enigma, hiding in the shadows, always with a passive attitude, maybe the majority of the women must feel offended to see how Octavio Paz describes the Mexican woman. The things have changed and it’s a different...
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