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Rocket Boys / October Sky by Homer Hickam - MonkeyNotes by PinkMonkey.com

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Rocket Boys / October Sky

Homer Hickam, Jr. 1998

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Rocket Boys / October Sky by Homer Hickam - MonkeyNotes by PinkMonkey.com

Coalwood, West Virginia, 1957 - 1960

Major Characters Homer “Sonny” Hickam - The author of the book and the main character, Sonny is the young man who, insearch of himself, takes on the mission of firing a rocket into space. Along the way, he learns a great deal about himself, those he loves, and life itself. Homer Hickam, Sr. - He is Sonny’s father, a man who never went to college, but learned engineering skills on his own in order to run his beloved coal mine in the safest and most profitable way. He is a hard man who finds it difficult to showhis feelings. His approval is something Sonny comes to crave. Elsie Hickam - She is Sonny’s mother, a very wise and determined woman, who married Homer Hickam, but regretted her choice later. Nonetheless, she is loyal to him even as she fights his hardheadedness. She is determined that Sonny and his brother, Jim, will leave Coalwood and not be lost forever to a life in the mine. Quentin Wilson - Heis the brilliant young man who Sonny meets at Big Creek High School. Often jeered and mistreated for his brilliance, he and Sonny hook up and become the two main forces determined to build a rocket. Roy Lee Cooke - He is Sonny’s best childhood friend and one of the “players” among the young men at Big Creek High. He loves women, but loves the rockets more. His father had died in a mine accident,so he also has a car whenever he wants it. Miss Freida Riley - Sonny’s science teacher, Miss Riley was instrumental in encouraging the boys, especially Sonny, to continue their search for the biggest rocket they could get to fly. She died of cancer at the age of 32, but Sonny could never forget her. Minor Characters O’Dell - Another of Sonny’s friends, he was a runner and doer when firing off therockets, more than he is thinker. He was small and excitable with pale, translucent hair. Sherman - Yet another member of Sonny’s rocket boys, Sherman was compact and muscular with a wide, intelligent face. He had suffered with polio, and as a result, his left leg was weak and shriveled. Jim Hickam - Sonny’s older brother, he is very concerned about his appearance, all the girls he can acquire, anda football scholarship to the college of his choice. He and Sonny don’t get along every well, because Jim thinks Sonny is a “sister,” a weak boy. Dorothy Plunk - She was the young girl (a pseudonym) who was quite beautiful and very popular. She was also intelligent enough to graduate as the class valedictorian. Sonny fell in love with her from the first time he saw her, but she never dated him.Mr. Isaac Bykovski - He was a welder at the mine who took a special interest in Sonny. When Sonny needed help with the rocket, Mr. Bykovski did the job even though he knew Sonny’s father was against it. As a result, he was moved to the “face” of the mine, the most dangerous spot, and later was killed there. Jake Mosby - A young engineer chosen by the Ohio mill to work in the coal mine as a kind ofboot camp. Jake was one of the few who stuck it out. He became a major help to the rocket boys.
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Rocket Boys / October Sky by Homer Hickam - MonkeyNotes by PinkMonkey.com

Valentine - She was the young girl who dressed provocatively a body that the boys couldn’t help but watch....
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