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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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Something that has always gotten my attention is why marijuana is illegal. A plant that comes from earth, created by God has been put illegal by us humans for no reasonat all. This has no sense since alcohol, cigarettes, and even over-the-counter medicines are ten times worse than marijuana and you can buy it anywhere you like. Unlikealcohol, marijuana tends to relax you, makes you eat, and helps you have a full 8 hours of sleep. There are so many reasons for marijuana to be legalized. If you’relike most people, you probably think that marijuana is an addictive drug that causes lung cancer and leads to harder and worse drugs. Well, you’re wrong. There are manyrumors that marijuana is addicting but the matter of the fact is that it is NOT. Marijuana is one of the few “drugs” that isn’t addicting. No symptoms have been found ofphysical withdrawal. Until now, there have been no deaths related to marijuana and no one has ever overdosed by smoking too much marijuana. Did you know that you’ll haveto consume 1500 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes to overdose? Marijuana can be used for many things like medicine, hemp paper, and the government can tax it gainingmillions of dollars and helping the economy rise. Making marijuana legal and allowing farmers to grow it, will save billions of trees because of its strength and longlasting natural fiber can produce paper. To whiten hemp paper, one doesn’t need to use toxic bleaching chemicals that will pollute waterways which is happening now do to thebleaching chemicals used to make paper out of trees. There are many benefits for legalizing marijuana such as for medicinal use, hemp paper, and raising the economy.
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