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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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A Quick and Easy Diagnostic Setup Technique - JCO-ONLI...


JCO-Online Copyright 2012 A Quick and Easy Diagnostic Setup TechniqueVOLUME 32 : NUMBER 05 : PAGES (328-329) 1998 MELISSA D. WILSON, DDS, MS PRAMOD K. SINHA, DDS, BDS, MS HARI S. PRASAD, BS, MDT
Diagnostic setups can be made for any number of teeth or for entirearches. Once the teeth have been realigned, it is critical to be able to bring the diagnostic cast into a consistent occlusion. The traditional method of fabricating a diagnostic setup is to saw throughthe root areas, separate the teeth by hand, and affix them in their new positions with wax. This article presents a simpler technique that shortens fabrication time and still produces a reliablesetup, without the need for additional trimming.

1. Pour and trim the upper and lower casts as usual. 2. Vacuum-form duplication stents over the casts (Fig. 1). 3. Fill the stents withorthodontic stone to the level of the gingival margins (Fig. 2). Remove any excess stone from the inner edges of the stents. 4. Once the stone has set, apply a layer of soap or tinfoil substitute. 5.Fill the stents to the top with orthodontic stone. 6. After setting, remove the new casts from the stents. 7. Number the teeth in each arch (Fig. 3). 8. Remove the dental arches from the bases, andbreak the individual teeth apart (Fig. 4). 9. Using a thin layer of wax, replace any teeth that are to remain in their original positions. 10. If any teeth need vertical repositioning, carve down theridge accordingly. Position the remaining teeth according to the treatment plan. Add prosthetic teeth if necessary.

Because no sawing is required, this technique greatly reduces the timeit takes to make a diagnostic setup. If the repositioning involves only one arch, the heel of the diagnostic setup should still line up with that of the original opposing base, allowing reliable...
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