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barcelonaMicrosoft Age of Empires III Trial
Readme File
September 2005

Welcome to Microsoft® Age of Empires® III Trial version!

This file contains information to help you install the Age ofEmpires III Trial. It includes late-breaking information not included in the in-game Help.

A. Starting Age of Empires III Trial
B. Getting Help
C. Shortcut Keys
D. DirectXTroubleshooting
E. Video Troubleshooting
F. CD-ROM Drive Troubleshooting
G. Audio Troubleshooting
H. Age of Empires III Information

A. Starting Age of Empires III Trial

To start Age of Empires IIIOn the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Games, point to Age of Empires III, and then click Age of Empires III.

B. Getting Help

You can find information about Age of EmpiresIII Trial in the in-game Help.

To display in-game Help

Pause your pointer over any button or interface item in the game to view rollover help text. You can also right-click on any unit portraitor improvement icon in the game to view detailed Help.

C. Shortcut Keys

SPACEBAR – Center View on Selected Unit|
ALT – Display Details on Selected Unit|
H – Toggle Home CityScreen|
/ – Cycle Explorers|
' – Cycle Ships|
. – Cycle Idle Villagers|
, – Cycle Idle Military Units|
; – Cycle Wagons (Covered Wagon, Fort Wagon, Outpost Wagon, Factory Wagon)|
FIND|T – Town Center |
CTRL+A – Artillery Foundry|
CTRL+B – Barracks or Blockhouse|
CTRL+C – Church|
CTRL+D – Dock|
CTRL+D – House or Manor House|
CTRL+F – Fort|
CTRL+I – Mill|
CTRL+K – Bank|CTRL+L – Plantation|
CTRL+M – Market|
CTRL+O – Outpost|
CTRL+P – Trading Post|
CTRL+Q – Field Hospital|
CTRL+R – Arsenal|
CTRL+S – Stable|
CTRL+V – Livestock Pen|
CTRL+W – Wall|
CTRL+Y –Factory|
CTRL+Z – Capitol|

Use the following shortcuts to create new buildings when a Villager is selected. For example, to create a Dock, select a Villager and then press D.