Oee-lean manufacturing

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  • Publicado : 10 de julio de 2010
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Contents: Introduction to all sheets in the OEE spreadsheet.

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• About OEE, calculation of OEE, how to use OEE,registration of OEE, goal for OEE etc. • 1 page.

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DEMO Procedure for calculating OEE
• Procedure for calculating OEE, how to choose the rightmachines to measure, how to fill in the registration form, transfer of data to the calculation sheet, how to use OEE figures, tools that can increase OEE etc. • 2 pages.
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DEMO Registration form
• Registration form to be filled in by the operators when operating a machine. • 1 page.
The form has 10 defined losses (can bechanged) and cells to hatch matching the time consumption.

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DEMO Calculation sheet
• Calculation sheet to type in data from the registrationform. • OEE figures are calculated. • The spreadsheet is ready for 3 machines – and more can be added.

Use 24H or AM/PM format.

Click the button and a macro calculatesOEE and sorts the data in the right order.

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DEMO OEE graphs
• OEE graphs based on the calculation sheets. • The spreadsheet contains a graphper calculation sheet. • 2 pages.

The loss factors are automatically listed in descending order. The red line shows the OEE.

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DEMO Downloadthe OEE spreadsheet
• Buy and download the OEE spreadsheet – click here >
Advantages of knowing OEE on capacity bottlenecks: • Reasons for capacity losses are known. •Reasons are prioritized and the effect of one’s efforts is known. • If OEE is increased on a bottleneck the overall capacity is increased.

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