Of mice and men symbols

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Symbols are objects, characters, figures, or colours to represent abstract ideas or concepts. John Steinbeck uses three significant symbols in Of Mice and Men to reinforcehis central themes. The Farm is a form to represent the American dream almost every farm worker has had but never achieved. He uses the puppy to represents a symbol to show the strength over weakness.Candy’s Dog is a very important symbol that represents cruelty an outliving your purpose in life. These three symbols come together to make Of Mice and Men a classic.
The whole idea of the farmsymbolizes the dream of almost everyone ranch worker they all have the dream of owning their own farm and leaving out of the fat of the land. The farm represents a dream it represents a promise for aparadise it seduces the workers in many ways. No one ever has been able to actually make that dream a reality people know that it is practically impossible to make it come true so when people hear aboutthis they find it very hard to believe“I seen too many of you guys. If you had two bits in this worl’, why you’d be in getting’ two shots of corn with it and suckin the bottom of the glass”(79). ForLennie and George is more than a dream is a promise or some kind of commitment and protection, George’s way of telling Lennie the story of the little house and chickens and rabbits shows a promise forLennie that gives him hope “Tell about that place, George” (56). ....... Others that hear about the place that Lennie and George talk about are practically seduced and want to join them like Candy andCrooks they are alone in the world and feel the need of companionship “S’pose I went in with you guys” (59). The farm becomes a paradise for men who want to feel free to do what they want with theirown lives “Sure they all want it. Everybody wants little bit of land, not much. Jus’ som’thin’ that was his” (76). The farm represents the possibility of freedom, self-reliance, and protection from...
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