Office layouts

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Office Design/Layout
In the meantime we are providing a checklist to help you with many of the concerns that need your attention when you invest the time & money in creating, planning & designingyour work space.
How do you distinguish what office furniture is needed?
Which would suit your needs best: a desk, work-station, orportable desk unit?
Are you under estimating or over estimating the amount of space you will require?
What is your working style?
Are you more of a visual person?
Are you currentlyjuggling space for your computer & papers all in the same work area?
How much lighting is needed to work more efficiently & effectively?
How much space will be needed for storing supplies?****************************************************
( resumir preguntas arriba mencionadas, 5 como maximo)

Planning for an office involves many detailsincluding these key concerns:

Spatial Design and Layout (insertar foto relacionada)

Electrical Requirements (insertar foto relacionada)

Lighting (insertar foto relacionada)Ergonomics (insertar foto relacionada)

Spatial Design and Layout:
How you use your space is critical in determining how to structure the layout of your office. When setting up youroffice consider these issues:
Establish primary and secondary work areas for these tasks:
(insertar fotos relacionadas ejemplo:Paper work, Computer activities)

Plan for accessible filesystems:
(insertar fotos relacionadas ejemplo:Project files,Administrative files)

Allocate space for storage of office supplies:
(insertar fotos relacionadas ejemplo: Utilities: pens andpencils; staples; tape; paper clips; rubber bands; etc.)

Electrical Requirements:
Plan for these electrical needs
( Esta seccion se refiere a lo que se conose como outlet o salidas de...
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