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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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Media Work Plan
Illusions Tattoo

1.Budget/Spending Strategy- Illusions Tattoo – Budget is $ 300,000.00.

Will be using the TV Media of 30 seconds of commercial that will present the offers anddiscounts of our store. It will be aired at (Fringe Time 3:00-6:00pm) and day time(9:00am-3:00pm) at least 20 times

Use an advertisement on the Internet all over the socialnetwork like Face book, MySpace and Twitter. So we can take the ads to a next level.

On the radio will have network coverage of commercial of the store. Commercials of 30 ss of informationand specials.50 times

In within the newspaper will have ads of coupons of 20% of discounts on tattoos and piercings. This will help us promote within the consumers.
-NewspaperVocero -Cost-5,400

Set up 5 billboards with information about the store (full Color)

-Full Page color on the following Magazines:
-Entertainment –Cost$2,000
-Imagen Cost$ 11,5002. Prospect Audience
A. Basic Designation-
-Illusions Tattoo Current users are mostly Young people and middle age. Its divided by light users and high users
-40% Light Users Usually come and use ourservices and 50 % of heavy users .
Illusions Tattoo is covered by the whole island we have stores on Ponce, Juana Diaz and Bayamon. Puerto Rico has a very high percentage of peoplethat wants to get a tattoo or a piercings done. C. Psychographics-

Consumers3.Media Strategies
Illusions Tattoo Season Are Summer, Justas, Valentine’s Day.
These seasons are great to advertise promotions discounts of the store. We advertise on Valentine’sDay 20 % of the tattoos so wen starting the year we make the money effort for the other promotions going on the way. Summer and Justas are basically the same but with specials on body piercings and...
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