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  • Publicado : 20 de diciembre de 2010
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Visits Ponferrada

Ponferrada is in Castilla and León and is the capital of Bierzo.
Ponferrada is a little and beautiful city full ud of a lot of magics corners.
The city famous for itsfountains, parks, vineyards and enotourism; also is important this city for its rural houses, the towns , the Sil river where you can go every day in summertime and do a grand variety of sportsand activities with your family, you would do rafting, remo, swwimming...

in the other hand you can do sports in winter such as sky or snowboard or play with your famili in the snow, the bestsky station in the “san Isidoro Station”.

Our tour begin in the street “La Asunción” where we can see the “Temple” park, is a big park where you can do a lot of things such as to ride abike, roller skate, play basketball or voleiball.

Walking throug Ponferrada you would see a mitic world as the middle ange.
There is where time stops, you are seeing the “Templarios castle”that was built in 1178 by “orden del temple”, but this castle was restored in the 19th century.

Now you are seeing an exhibition of “Las Edades del Hombre” of religious character wich has asaim the spread and promotion of holy arts.

Then we are going to “Radio Museum”.

This is the Encina`s Basilica, it was declared as “Patrona del Bierzo”.
The basilica is a christian templeof renaissance style.

After seeing the most importants and interestings places in Ponferrada, we wil continue a route of 15 minutes near of Ponferrada.
We are visiting “Las Médulas” . Itwere declared world heritage site. Las Médulas is a paradise of great importance for the monumental remains are the result of a lots of historics changes that were produced in the place forexplotation and domination.

Finally, we go back to Ponferrada city where our tour ends with a gratifying gastronomic party where you can taste wonderfuls typicals “tapas” of the region.
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