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Table of Contents

Purpose of Operating Level Agreement 4

Overview 4
OLA Terms Defined 5

Case 5
Contact Management System 5
Certified Help Desk Professional( 5
Closed Case 5
Customer 5
Escalated Case 5
Help Desk 5
Knowledge Base 5
Level One Support 5
Level Two Support 5Open Case 5
Pending Customer Action 6
Resolution Time 6
Response Time 6
Severity Level 6
Total Contact Ownership( 6
Roles and Responsibilities 7

Help Desk 7

Overview 7

Help Desk Mission Statement 7

Help Desk Vision 7

Hours of Operation 7

Contact Methods 7

What is Supported 7

Help Desk Professional Responsibilities 7

CaseProcessing Procedures 8

Level Two Support 8

Overview 8

Case Processing Procedures 8

Severity Levels 11

Overview 11

Prioritizing Severity Levels 11

Service Level Objectives 12

Service Level Commitment 12

Average Speed of Answer 12

Abandonment Rate 12

First Contact Resolution( Rate 12

Operating Level Agreement Sign-Off 13

Agreement Period 13Changes, Additions, or Deletions to this Operating Level Agreement 13
Approvals 13
Purpose of Operating Level Agreement


The primary purpose of an Operating Level Agreement (OLA) is to ensure that a consistent level of service is provided to the customers supported by the ABC Company. The OLA will define the roles and responsibilities that the Help Desk and level two supportagree to follow in delivering support to ABC Company customers.

The Help Desk will be responsible for providing level one phone support by responding to phone calls, emails, voice mail and eSupport requests. The Help Desk will also be responsible for following the established procedures documented in the Help Desk Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual. The procedures in the SOP outlinethe specific processes, procedures and tasks the Help Desk must consistently follow to meet the expectations of a level one support organization.

The level two support groups will be responsible for handling all cases not capable of being resolved by a Help Desk professional. The level two support groups will be responsible for adhering to response times, resolution times, and ensuring thatstatus update information is entered in the cases in a timely manner.

OLA Terms Defined

Define specific OLA terms so Help Desk professionals and level two support understand the context of the terminology used. Some standard terms have been provided; additional ones may need to be added.


Contact Management System

Certified Help Desk Professional(

A formally trained andcertified (Help Desk 2000() professional that supports customers via phone, email or eSupport in the Help Desk. Professionals have been tested to ensure they can provide a high level of customer service and meet the requirements of the job.

Take the keep with text check off in the line and page breaks tab of Format/Paragraph dialog box. Select all the terms and check it off so they don’t jump to thenext page.

Closed Case


Escalated Case

Help Desk

Knowledge Base

Level One Support

Level Two Support

Open Case

Pending Customer Action

Resolution Time

Response Time

Severity Level

Total Contact Ownership(

A practice that ensures the Help Desk professionals is ultimately responsible for customer satisfaction. The Help Desk professional logs thecase and remains the person responsible for making sure the issue or request is resolved and the customer is satisfied with the resolution.

Roles and Responsibilities

Help Desk


Provide a high level overview of why the Help Desk exists.

Help Desk Mission Statement

Add a mission statement; encourage Help Desk professionals to memorize.

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