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John Travolta and Robin Williams: Kelly Preston; Lori Loug; Conner Day; Matt D

It´s a big meeting, I´d think you´d be a little nervous. I don´t get nervous, Dan. I get excited
Please don´t tell the story. You´re a people person. Charlie, that´s wonderfurl, But in business meetings you tell personal items from my life, And it embarrasses me.
Girls, girls, girls!
Hey ten miles! I´msorry, Lucky. I think he´s too old for sprints. I can hear his legs clicking.
Those are my knees. ¿Do you really think I tell that story for my own amusement?
I do it because it´s a sales tool. Charlie, let´s win this account on our pitch. It´s sports marketing. You need an edge.
I don´t want to be the edge. Hey, Mr! Little help!
Sure thing, guys!
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Why did you do that?My bad! Sorry!
I didn´t mean to. You’re a monster!
I´m sorry
You´re allergic to anything under four feet. You´re a mess.
Promise you won´t tell the story.
Fine. I won´t tell the story.
Ok, you guys want to hear the greatest Dan Rayburn story ever?
No, don´t. Please, Come on, Danny.
All right. Seven years ago, Dan´s divorce had just come through.
And his ex-wife had left his heart intatters.
And his bank account drained. Tell them that.
That´s good. You´re taking it like a man!
Troop leader . patriot. TSA supervisor
And dada I am barry taylor
Gentlemen, why don´t we put down the electronics devices,
And try to get into it a little bit?
Hmm? After all were here for the kids.
Here from the kids?
What´s he talking about?
Ok, kids. Who wants to have somefun?
Let´s go dig a hole.
What´s your problem?
How about we go dig a hole
He´s diving me the stink eye
You thief. I loved her so much
What are you saying?
My beef is not with you, old man
Thank you
Ok, now I got it
He has as lot
Hey, zach, Emily. Why don´t you get your grandpa
To leave the office
And come over here and join us in the woods?
He is not our granda, he is our dadSure, zach. My granda was like a dad to me, too
He is, troop master barry
He is my dad, and that is his partner
It is like we have two dads
Just found out
Trust me. It was a surprise
Been together 30 years
Feels like 50
Oh, well
We´re soul mates, really
You, must have a best buddy
Yeah. A pal?
Someones you can
Take care
No bears allowed
Thanks you, troopmaster barry
No trouble at all, kids
You ladies ready to play a little ultimate Frisbee?
I think so, mr testosterone
Ultimate Frisbee?
That´s our game
Let´s do this for our kids, huh? Yeah
Come on, man. Let’s do it. Yeah, for the kids. Yeah, baby
All right, lets do this sports marketing
Spotrs marketing yeah
Make the deal. Get them
That’s´s bear scat, gentlemen.
Yeah, it isDad?
I think scat is poop
Really, son
You wiped poop on my face?
Scat happens, man
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight…
Go long!
Yes! Yeah, baby!
Barry! I´m over here, I´m open!
Hey! I’m open!
Oh! Get
Sorry. Ow, my gums!
You get your wingman to fight your battles for you?
I didn´t take your woman.
I´m a man.
I don´t know your woman!
First you stealJanice Applebaum.
You´re confused!
Then you steal my soul.
Now it’s on, smiley.
Prison rules!
¿Prison rules?
Oh, boy.
Come on, Dad. You can get up.
Never mind.
Back, Back,
Time out
Stay down, gentle warrior
Textbook double bull’s eye.
Nice, Barry.
That’s how you get yourself a chest full of merit patches. Anyone else?
Barry… I said… pull!
My bad!
Grandpa Ted! Weshould get our merit patches
Just for being his kids.
Sorry! How bad is it?
Bad! Ok.
As a result of your little outdoor aventure,
I just want you to know that my sciatica has flared up.
So thanks. Oh, you´re welcome.
Don´t mind the fact that I took a three-day camping trip and shortened it to nine hours.
I made fire! Wow! –Oh, no
That´s not good. Get the car ready. Little collateral...
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