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The first New Yorkers:

Only a few hundred years ago, the only people who lived in new York were native americans-The algoquian indians.They lived in a forest on an island which they calledMannahatta.
Then Giovanni de Verrazano, an Italian Explorer of North america, in the service of the Frech crown, discovered new York harbor in 1524. He was renowed as the first European to explore theAtlantic coast of noth america.
In 1609 an Englishman, Henry Hudson, found a river which was called Hudson River in his honor. In 1624 the Dutch came to live in new York. Then a dutchman named peterminuit bought mannahatta island from the algonquian indians for 24 dollars, today the island is called manhattan. The city was called New Ámsterdam. In 1664 a surprise attach with force allowed the englishto conquer the city. The city were renamed New York because of the name of James II of england, who was the duke of York.
New York city was made the first nacional capital of the united state underthe United States constitution on September thirteen(13), 1788.
Many words in american english came from the Dutch who lived in new York, for example, boss, yankee and cookie. The question How come?That means ‘’Why?’’ also comes from a Dutch Word, hoekom.

New York City today.

New York is on the East coast of the united states, it’s full of attractions.
There’s a wonderful viewof newyork’s skycrapers from the top of the Empire state building. There are lots of fantastic places for example the museum of modern art , the museum of the city of new York and central park. In central park youcan do all kinds of activities, or you can relax and enjoy the beautiful lakes and trees. There aren’t any cars in Central Park on weekends, and people go to run and to skate on the roads.
There isa place that everyone likes to see; the Statue of liberty.It’s in New York Harbor. The statue was a present from France to the people of the united states and its 100 years old (It arrived by...
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