Olver twist

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  • Publicado : 14 de junio de 2010
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oliver twist

Oliver Twist is an orphan who suffers greatly and is rejected by society because his mother died when he had just been born, we see this reflected in today's society children fromorphanages and the ICBF or POLICARPO in BROTHER HEARTS HOME which children are brought when they have no parents or are abandoned by them, and help them find a home.

Oliver was in charge of a tutornamed Mr. Sowerberry the tutor did not want her and decides to escape and goes to the city in search of a better life, we see this in the current reality in people who go to peoples cities to seek abetter life expectancy but they realize it's not going to get to do so, otherwise we can take young people are escaping from the house because they are tired of their parents send them and often end upliving in precarious conditions.

In the great city of London Oliver meets people who should not and ends up becoming a criminal, if we see this is very natural that today's young people start tojoin gangs to commit robbery for having no accompanying their parents early stages of his life, and why criminals choose to go outside the law.
In this part of the book shows us poverty, misery andcrime that exists in large cities in this particular case London, this we can see in the big cities of our country, for example Bogota is much poverty and crime in parts of less resource as CiudadBolivar, the Crusades and so on.And with the various crime gangs who are in any part of Bogotá.
After MR Oliver by Brownlow manages to have a better family, which wanted him respected him and loved him, hewas very happy and in my opinion because we all have the right to have a second chance to rectify our mistakes and be happy , and as if to contextualize the current reality that is one of theopportunities it gives us the various foundations and institutes such as ICBF or the various foundations that give you the opportunity to millions of people to rehabilitate themselves, to leave his life of...
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