Olympism, culture and legacy

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  • Publicado : 6 de noviembre de 2011
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Most of the facilities already exist, and our project plan ensures their use in the future. The new Tokyo Stadium project, built with a solar roof panel, willgenerate solar energy for the city after the Olympics, supplying Japanese households with over of 10,000 kilowatt hours.
The rest of the venues will be used for events organizations, sports federationsand the population with public and private clubs. Japan, as many of the developed countries faces the future problem of an aging population, so some of the facilities and parks will be adapted toelderly exercise in order to promote healthy life.
Another new construction will be the Tokyo Bay Olympic Village. Nowadays, is a fishing and industry area, so the project will revitalize the waterfrontwith greener housing and condos, entertainment and retail as it has been done in previous Olympics in Barcelona or London. The trash landfill at the Yumeno Shima island, a 217 acre artificial islandmade of trash and leafs, will be converted in a forest with 480,000 trees for the Tokyo population enjoyment. This project is financed by donations of 100 yen per tree (around $10) and they alreadycovered 400,000 donations of the total of 500,000. Thus, it won’t represent any expense for the government. The media complex fitted out for the Olympics will be afterwards, a business complex of officesand commercial facilities and a Conference Hall since Tokyo is one of the main Trade center in the world. A proof of our commitment is all the facilities built for Tokyo 64’ are currently in use.
Onthe other hand, there are more than 15 million bikes registered in Tokyo so it is a very common way of transport in the city to avoid traffic jumps. Therefore, the bike rental program will be alegacy for the city, encouraging users to rent them for short trips and preserving the environment. More bike lanes exclusively for bikes will be available for citizens after the event. Moreover, hybrid...
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