On the way to : “cabo de la vela”

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We are departing from the city of Santiago de cali, in the Valle del Cauca departament in the south-west of the colombian territory. We are a group of friends, who decided to visit this beautifulcountry, Colombia.

From Popayan to Cali there isn’t a long distance. We arrived at nigth to the “capital de la salsa” or the “sucursal del cielo” as it is also famously known Cali, and efficientlyarrived to the north of the city, through an excelent highway from the airpot. Finally to the Intercontinental, our hotel for that night in the city. The next morning we woke up early, had breakfast andprepare to start our 22-24 hour car trip to the locality of Cabo de la vela in the departament of La Guajira, with a stop for a few days in the beautiful city of Cartagena.
The first tract was Cali –Medellin, 7 hours depending on traffic, that was said to us in the hotel. The route started in the Puente del Comercio, from this point we where inside the Cali – palmira Highway. After only a fewkilometers of road the feeling of being in the Valle del Cauca was given by the big landscapes of green esmerald colour and the smell of the sugar cane, and also the view of the “trenes cañeros”, whichare encharged of trasporting the sugar cane, the most important agricultural industry in Valle del Cauca. All these atributes were evidenced passing through the municipalities of Palmira, Buga andTulua and also other northen Valle municipalities, particulary in Andalucia, where we were able to taste the gelatina de pata, which is a gelatine made with the leg of the cows. Cartago is the last citybefore entering to Risaralda, one of the Eje cafetero’s departament, we arrived to Cartago, to visit the city and buy some clothes from professional embroiders that are originally from the city. Aftermore than 6 hours and after passing through the Risaralda and Caldas’ capitals, Pereira and Manizales, we arrived to itaguí, a municipality next to Medellin. In the Antioquia’s capital Medellin we...
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